Keyboard cursor slow on Macbook


I recently got a MacBook m3 because I wanted to try to Apple ecosystem. It has been bit of a journey to get used to, an I’m still not entirely convinced.

One of my main fustrations have been how the keyboard typying experience have been. Don’t get me wrong the tactile feedback of physical keyboard is very good, the layout of the keys takes a long time to get used to when you have been using windows for so long. But the worst part are the MacOs default settings, they are just plain horrible.

There is so much delay between character presses that I don’t know what they have been smooking. I quickly found out that you can make it faster from the settings Keyboard settings MacOs for a while I had key repeate rate at the second to highest, but it was still shit, especially when you wanted to delete multiple characters.

I put it to the fastest setting and it is somewhat tollerable, but I then found out that you can tweak it futher (not using the UI though). This nifty websites allows you to simulate settings before you set them (because setting them requires a logoff, so it is quite anoying)