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In this corner of the internet I share with the world what I work on. My domains of expetise are Azure, .NET, and cloud-development. I have been working as a consultant for 15 years, and have a M.Sc. in Electrical engineering so also know a thing or two about hardware.


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Download Microsoft Stream or OneDrive videos from Teams Meetings


How to download videos from Microsoft Stream without download access.

Semantic Search for Astro with Cloudflare AI


How to build add semantic search to an Astro static page with Cloudflare Vector database and cosine similarity.

Keyboard cursor slow on Macbook


Why are my typing speed and especially delete speed soo slow on my new macbook

Hosting your own Mailserver


Some notes on my journey from buying email hosting from a thrid party to hosting my own email server using mail-in-a-box.

Latest talks

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Using GitHub codespaces with Azure DevOps


Talk delivered at the Danish Azure DevOps Community

Azure Container Apps With Bicep


Presentation held at FooCafe in Malmö on how to use container apps

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