Photoshope panoramic view


I just recently returned from a trip to California. We spent two days in Solvang, wonderful area with a really beautiful nature. On our way back we stopped by Lake Cachuma here I quickly took 8 pictures with my quite crappy Cannon SD1300 SI camera while standing and rotation rotating because I wanted to try the function for stitching images into a panoramic image in photoshop when I came home.

Here’s the result, giving the lousy condition I think it turned out okay.

If you want to try for yourself, you have to do the following. My version of photoshop is CS4.
You can either open the files you want to stitch into a panoramic image, before the photomerge or go directly to the menu where the magic happens:
File > Automate > Photomerge >
Here you can make different adjustments, it’s really simple and works quite well.

Have a nice Sunday!