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In this corner of the internet I share with the world what I work on. My domains of expetise are Azure, .NET, and cloud-development. I have been working as a consultant for 15 years, and have a M.Sc. in Electrical engineering so also know a thing or two about hardware.


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Hosting your own Mailserver


Some notes on my journey from buying email hosting from a thrid party to hosting my own email server using mail-in-a-box.

Detecting NTLM Version using Curl


In January 2022 it will be time to pay up, if you want to continue using Docker Desktop on Windows (and Mac) unless you are a small company or individual user. Whether the price is worth it I will let you decide, but personally I’m not going to pay so […]

Reset Forgotten Windows 10 User Password


Was taking a look at an old laptop today, that had been stored away for a couple of years. But the password for the local user account had in that time been completely forgotten. Luckily Windows 10 isn’t very secure, so it is quite easy to reset the password when […]

Which Static Site Builder framework to pick in 2023


People have been arguing for a while that websites are too bloated with too much JavaScripts that slow them down. So for a while static site builders, and headless CMS has been gaining traction over traditional all in one solutions like Sitecore, and WordPress. My blog has been running on […]

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Azure Container Apps With Bicep


Presentation held at FooCafe in Malmö on how to use container apps

Lesson Learned from building the Azure Let's Encrypt  Site Extension


Talk delivered at the Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 in Copenhagen

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